Why I Love To Eat At Chefs, Baking & Pastry Shop At Chewies in Boston

Boston, MA (Vice) — Chewie’s is a favorite hangout spot for Boston’s hipster-y, foodie-focused crowd.

The burger joint is also a staple of the foodie community.

Now, the Brooklyn, New York-based eatery is expanding its presence in Boston.

Chewie says it is partnering with Chew-A-Saurus, an online grocery marketplace.

That means you’ll be able to shop your way to the nearest ChewChees and other delicious goodies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chewy’s to bring the Chewy experience to Boston’s new Boston Bistro and Coffee Shop,” ChewY’s Co-Founder, Chewy Chewz, said in a statement.

“Chewy’s has been known for the great Chewys and ChewIES experience since 1999, and we are excited to bring our signature blend of flavors to the newest Chew Y’s.”

ChewY will offer a range of ChewZa products, including bread, cheese, and pastries.

The ChewXs will be a collection of the best-selling items.

Chews are popular among millennials, according to research from research firm BrandWatch.

According to data from The Economist Intelligence Unit, millennials make up 14% of the U.S. population.

In the last decade, the millennial generation has made inroads into restaurants, shopping and retailing.