Why do men shave their beards?

A bald man’s beard is just another part of his look.

A bearded man, however, is not just about having a beard, it’s about having his own style.

That’s what men like James Hargrove, of Melbourne, South Australia, want to achieve.

Hargrow, who grew up with a beard that was a mix of hair, whiskers and moustache, was once described as the most attractive man in the world.

So he decided to shave it off.

“I didn’t realise I was getting it done, and then I realised, ‘Wow, that’s really attractive, isn’t it?'”

He says he started shaving it off a year ago and his beard grew to almost 10cm.

“It’s become something I wear as a symbol of pride and a symbol that I’m proud of who I am.”

Hargrogues favourite style, the ‘shoulder-length’ beard Hargrooves favourite style is the shoulder-length beard.

“If you look at my beard, there are a lot of whiskers around, which is a good sign,” he says.

“So I decided I’d get rid of all of those and I just shave it down.”

‘I think I’ve become a beard person’ Mr Hargrod said his favourite way to look stylish is to have a “shoulder length beard”.

“I think my beard has become a sort of a symbol, and I’ve definitely become a person that wears it,” he said.

Haggrove has recently shaved off most of his beard, but he’s not done with his own.

He recently decided to do a short haircut to get rid from the beard and also to try out a new style called the “shuffle”.

“So that’s actually a lot shorter, but I like it that way,” he explains.

“That’s just me being myself, and that’s my style.

I think I’m a beard guy, but maybe I’m more of a beard lover.”

‘Barking’ is a way to keep the beard off His own beard is now a “very prominent part of my appearance” and he loves to watch people walk past.

“I just don’t like the idea of people walking past me and thinking ‘Hey, you’re a beard’.””

I just don’t like the idea of people walking past me and thinking ‘Hey, you’re a beard’.”