Why did you go to Southside Barber shop?

Henry’s Barber Shop was in a Southside barbershop in Southport.

The business has been closed for a few years.

The barber is Mr Robert Johnson.

The shop is a very popular place in the town, with many people coming in for the cut and shave and it’s always a great time.

But this week, the business has closed for good.

Henrys barber has been shut down.

News24 understands it’s due to a new barber licensing scheme which requires barbers to get a licence to perform on a small number of premises in South Queensland.

The licence is required on the premises to be able to practise and to carry out grooming services.

The licence can only be renewed once and a barber cannot perform at more than three bars in a 24 hour period.

Mr Johnson said it was a sad day for the business, and it was sad news for all the customers who go to Henry.

“They’ve been going there for 15 years,” Mr Johnson said.

A spokesman for Henry said it had been in discussions with the business owner, and that there were a number of reasons for closing down.

He said the barber had to take the new licensing system into consideration, and there was an agreement in place between the business and the council to ensure that the business could continue to operate as it had.

It was also important to the community, he said, that Henry was not the only one.

“If we closed down, it would mean we had to shut down another barber’s shop, which would mean another shop would open up on the corner,” he said.

“We just don’t want to lose another business in the area.”

The spokesman said the business had been operating for 15 or 16 years.

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