Which Indian restaurant will have the best curry?

A restaurant in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu has been praised for its curry, while a Pakistani restaurant has been named one of the best in the world.

The name of the restaurant, the Black Barber Shop in Chennai, comes from the name of one of its patrons, who is a black barber.

According to an article published in the Tamil Nadu edition of the Indian Express, the restaurant is the “home of the greatest curry in the country”.

“I think the name Black Barbershop is an honor to the restaurant.

I think the customers love the curry.

I just love the name,” said a person who works at the restaurant in the article.

The article added that the Black barber’s shop also has a “chicken shop, an outdoor market, a restaurant and a cinema”.

According to the article, a Black Barbing Shop has “a unique curry, which is made with fresh chicken cooked on a charcoal grill.”

In a previous article in the Indian Examiner, the newspaper described the restaurant as one of India’s best curry restaurants.

The Indian Express also named the restaurant one of “the best curry joints in the nation”.

In the article the newspaper wrote that the restaurant has a total of 25 customers, and that “the Black Bar, along with his son is the patron of the business.”

In the same article, the Indian Times wrote that “it is a tribute to the Black Barber who is the man who owns the restaurant.”

It added that Black Bar has been a “great patron for the restaurant” for many years.

According the article in The Indian Times, the Barber is a “black and white man” and “a real hero of the city”.

According the Indian Press, the family of the Black Baron has also been featured in an article in a local newspaper.

According a statement in The Times, “The Black Bar is a man of great integrity who is known for his hospitality and hospitality is his signature dish.

The Black Bar also helps to ensure that food and entertainment in Chennai is not overshadowed by the business of black merchants.

The Barber’s son is a proud member of the family.”

According to The Times the Black Bars son is also a “local legend”.

According The Indian Examiner article, “the Barbers son is an assistant to the owner of the establishment.

The family also owns a restaurant called the Black Pizzeria in Chennai.”

The article also quoted a person in Chennai who said that the family owns the Black Buffet and the Black Market restaurant.

“They have become very popular.

They are doing very well.

They also have an indoor market, and a cinemas and an outdoor one too,” said the person.