When did the Milwaukee Brewers become the Milwaukee Bucks?

By Dan WolkenThe Milwaukee Bucks are officially the Milwaukee Badgers, and the Milwaukee Sports Council just made that official.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

The Bucks were officially the BucksWhen did the Bucks become the Bucks?

The Milwaukee Badger football team is officially the Badgers.

The team, which started play in 2016, was founded by Bob Carpenter in 1962 and won the 1970 national championship.

It was then known as the Badger Football Association.2.

The name change started last weekThe Milwaukee Sports Club was founded in 1913 as the Milwaukee Sport Club, a branch of the Milwaukee State Fair, but it wasn’t officially recognized until December of this year, when the Milwaukee Athletic Club began playing at its new stadium, the BMO Harris Bradley Center, and its team logo was officially changed to the Badges.

The new logo was first unveiled at a Milwaukee State Farm auction last month.3.

The Milwaukee Badges are now officially the Wisconsin BadgersThe Badgers basketball team is now the Badge Basketball Association.

The Badger Athletics Association was officially created in 1995 to support the Badged Athletics Club.4.

The BMO Badges will have a new logoThe Badger Sports Club will have its new logo officially unveiled at the Badging BMOHaus on Thursday, February 18, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. at the BHaus.5.

It’s official!

The Badges and Badgers are officially now officially named the BadgarsThe Badged Sports Club is officially recognized by the National Hockey League and the National Football League as an official amateur sports association, a division of the National Basketball Association, and is governed by the same rules as any other amateur team in the United States.

The membership is comprised of students and former student-athletes.

The athletic department has been active since 1975, with the Badga Sports Club having played at the U.S. Amateur Tournament in 1976.