When a hockey fan gets his wish: The ultimate Mac and Cheese

The NHL’s All-Star Game may be a year away, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t still look forward to one of the most popular franchises in the world’s most popular sport.

Mac’s Barber Shop and Mac’s Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Toronto are offering free haircuts to fans who sign up for their online newsletter and sign up on Twitter.

Fans who sign-up on the NHL All-Stars Facebook page get the best of both worlds: a free haircut, and access to the NHL’s official Twitter account for all the action from the All-Tournament games to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The NHL is offering free barber appointments at all four All-Starrs events, and for the Stanley and Calder Cup Finals the league is offering a free shave.

Fans can sign up here:All of the NHL games will be streamed live on NHL Network, with the Stanley & Calder Cup Final broadcast on NBCSN beginning on Feb. 14.

All games will also be available on NHL.com and NHL.ca and via social media.

Fans will also have access to live coverage of the AllTournament in Toronto through the AllStar Game on the website.

The All-stars game will take place Feb. 21-22 in Toronto.