What’s next for the Austin barber shops?

The Austin barbershop has become a symbol of gentrification, with many people taking the barber’s place at the corner of Main and South Lamar, where a large, open-air barber is known to hang out.

The owner of this barber store, Kevin Stover, says that the barbershops are also changing.

He told me that the owners have been trying to build up their business, with new customers coming in, but the business isn’t where it needs to be.

Stover told me, “There’s just been a lot of new businesses opening up in the city, and I think that’s the first step.”

He told us that it’s been hard to find a place to put the bar owners on the street.

“They don’t feel like they belong, and they feel like it’s not safe, and that they’re not getting a fair shake.

It’s not like the barbs are coming out and people are saying, ‘hey, look, we want this place, we’re going to give it a go.

We’re going in with open arms.'”

It’s a struggle for barbers who want to be able to get their work done and have their clients.

The barbers, like so many other businesses in Austin, are working hard to make the city safer, while maintaining their business model.

But what about the people who use their shop?

They want a place where they feel safe and protected, and a place they can take their business to.

Barbers who are not barbers can’t go to a barbers shop without being worried about their safety.

When I asked Kevin Stove, the owner of Kevin’s Barber Shop, what he does to protect his customers, he said, “I just try to be a responsible person.”

When I spoke with him about the barbing business, I asked if there was anything that he felt he could do to protect the customers, and he told me he didn’t want to get into specifics about it, but he did feel like he could help.

Kevin Stovers barber, and the Austin Barbershop, have faced a lot over the years.

Stovers told me the bar was built in 1912, but was rebuilt in the 1970s, and has since been in the hands of his family for generations.

He said he would like to see Austin get more people out to enjoy the city.

“I feel like a barber needs to have a little bit of respect.

And that is a bar.

You know, you have to be respectful of your clients.

If you’re not respectful of it, then it’s going to happen.”

But he doesn’t want the bar to be “overwhelming.”

He said that he has been working with the city to make sure the city has the right policies in place for the bar, and to ensure that the bars staff have the training they need to be safe.

“We have the best barbers in the world,” he said.

“If we have a bad experience with one person, we can look at them, we’ll fix it.

But, if it’s a bad barber experience for a whole community, we have to deal with it.”

The barber who I spoke to, Paul Pomeroy, said that there is a lot more work to be done to ensure the safety of barbers working in Austin.

He is also a member of the Austin chapter of the American Barbers Association, and says that he would love to see the city put more regulations in place around the bar.

But he also said that the city needs to make some changes in how they handle barbers.

“Right now, the city is a little too soft on barbers,” he told the Breitbart News team.

“The barbers have to work a little harder, and then the people will start to understand that this is a business.

We have to come together and make sure we make the bar more professional and that we have safety protocols in place.”

Pomeroys barber told me a different story.

“There are some barbers out there that aren’t going to have any problem getting paid.

I think the bar has to take a little more responsibility,” he explained.

“Some of these barbers are making a lot less than the bar,” he added.

Paul Pomoy, a barbeque king in Austin who has been in business for decades, told me about his experience working in the bar with a client that was a woman.

He described her as “pretty nice” and said that she had no problems with him.

Pomeros story doesn’t stop there.

He says that a bar that has been there for decades is also understaffed and understaffing.

Pomoys barbers told me they were constantly looking for new jobs and were being passed over for some of them.

The Austin Barber’s Association told me this is something that they are working on, but it’s an ongoing issue.