What’s new at the barber in barbershop?

Barbershop barbershops are becoming more popular and increasingly accessible as people seek to trim their hair without having to leave their home or spend hours in the waiting room.

BBC Sport looks at the history of the hairstyle.

READ MORE 1/10 The barber’s shop in the 1830s The barbers shop at the bottom left of this image was opened in the 1860s.

It was located in the city of Philadelphia, which was founded in 1777 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The first barbers to open in the US were from Pennsylvania, and the barbers were trained by Benjamin Franklin.

It is thought to have been the first barbershop in the world, and was a major hub for the bar industry in the Philadelphia area.

2/10 Barbershops became a mainstream in the 1880s, when the US became the first country to introduce formal hair styling classes.

This image shows the bar at the top of this map, and it shows the salon at the left of the image.

In the 1880, barbers began to offer formal training in New York City, and they were seen as a major part of the bar scene.

This was the time barbers also began offering their services to the public, and their services were seen by many as a form of entertainment.

This is the bar in New Orleans.

3/10 Barber shops are the mainstay of the American bar scene in the early 20th century.

In 1900, the American Bar Association (ABA) was founded.

The ABA is credited with bringing the American style barber to America, as well as creating a culture of the “American barber”.

Barbers today are seen as part of this new American culture.

In this image, the bar is on the left and the chair is on top.

This picture shows the modern day barbers.

4/10 It was a tough era for barbers in the 20th and early 21st centuries, as there were a number of public health and safety scares.

This barber was in the 1900s, after a barber and his apprentice had to be rescued from the water by paramedics after being swept out of their house by a freak thunderstorm.

This man was trying to make his way back to his home in California when a large thunderstorm swept him off his feet.

The bar is in the background.

5/10 Today, barber shops are seen on the rise in the United States.

Today, the majority of American hair stylists are barbers, as barbers have become more popular in recent years.

This photograph shows the Modern Day Barbers at the American Hair Institute in Las Vegas.

6/10 Before barbers became a fixture of American life, it was a dangerous profession.

In 1873, one barber died and six others were injured when they fell from the third floor of a Philadelphia hotel while on a business trip.

In 1893, two men were killed and nine others were seriously injured when a fire broke out in a Philadelphia barbers’ shop.

This fire killed nine barbers at a time and was believed to have caused a chain reaction in the hair industry.

This example shows a barbers chair.

7/10 Hair stylists and barbers are two very different professions, as they both require knowledge of hair and a knowledge of the hair care products available to them.

The American Barbers Association (ABA) created the American Barber Association (ABC) in 1909, and has since expanded its membership by introducing the American Board of Haircuts.

The ABC is responsible for the certification of hair products for the American public, including barbers who perform in the industry.

In 2011, ABA certified the hair products available in the ABC, and now, the ABC certifies the American hair products industry as a whole.

8/10 A barber named David Jones was one of the first Americans to be given an ABA barber certificate in 1903.

He is seen here working in New Jersey in 1903, with a barbed wire fence around his neck.

In 1905, another barber, William Johnson, earned a barbing certificate after using his ABA certification to open a bar in Pennsylvania.

The two men used their barber certificates to open their own barbers shops in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

In 1910, a third barber from New Jersey, William Ellington, was awarded a bar barber certification after being able to open his own barber salon in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

9/10 Another barber is seen at the same time as David Jones in 1912.

In 1912, another New Jersey barber opened a bar, which he named The King of Hair.

In 1914, another Pennsylvania barber began to open an English style barbership in Philadelphia.

In 1915, another PA barber started to open the King of hair barbersshop in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

This photo shows a