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By K.V. Gohar and Deepak Kumar | 12.09.2018 A popular question from our readers is, “What does it take to be a good barber?”

We have put together the following list of common tasks that barbers and their customers have to do in order to be successful.

These tasks are not unique to barbers, barbers can work in many other fields too.

The list is not comprehensive and is meant to serve as a general guideline.

We have grouped the tasks that most barbers have to perform to earn the trust and respect of their customers.

The items below are in no particular order and have been grouped into categories.

These are some of the common tasks barbers must do.1.

The barber will go to the home address of the customer.

This can be a local house, a hotel, an office, a hospital or a friend’s house.

If there are no neighbours around, a stranger will most likely be invited.2.

The customer will have a haircut.

The haircut is usually done with an airbrush or a plastic brush.

It is not necessary to use an electric shaver.3.

The hair will be done using the same method as the customer did.

The technique varies between barbers.

Some prefer to do a comb to make sure there is no hair clumps or excess on the scalp, while others prefer to shave the hair with a comb.4.

The client will have to wash the hair by hand or with a towel.

The towel can be washed with warm water or hot water.5.

The cut will be made on a mirror, the client will then have to put the hair into the comb and then cut it into several pieces.6.

The product will be applied to the hair and then a new cut will begin.7.

The clients will be told what to expect during the haircut and the time of the cut.

It should be noted that barbering is not only about aesthetics but also about grooming.

It may take several hours, days or even weeks for the hair to grow naturally.8.

The customers will be asked to wear a towel while the barber cuts the hair.9.

The cuts will be finished with a shower.10.

The final cut will not be visible.11.

The clothes worn by the customer will be checked by the barbers when they are finished.

The most common items for these are long shirts, short shirts, loose fitting jeans, and tops.12.

The shop will be closed for about two hours.

The barber should make sure the hair is not too loose or too tight, and that the client is not looking at the hair while he or she is taking the cut from the bar.

The next step is to shave and comb the hair, and the hair should not be too coarse or too coarsely cut.

The following tips are important for this task.1, It is important to shave in a clean area and with a razor blade.

It has been said that a clean cut should be less than one-inch long.

The razor should be used on the side of the scalp.2, The barbers should make a small cut on the bar in front of the client, and shave at the side.3, The customer must wait at least five minutes after the haircut is finished to let the hair dry completely.4, The client can ask the bar to put his/her hands on the hair if he/she wants to hold it in place while the customer is taking care of the haircut.5, If the customer wants to use a shampoo, the bar must not spray the hair but instead gently massage it.6, The clients hair must be kept clean and well groomed by using the following tips:1.

Shaving with a cotton swab or a soft cloth is best.

Shave on the inside of the hair from the top of the head to the roots.

If the client has not shaved on the day before, make sure he/ she does not touch the hair or let the scalp dry.2., The bar should use a disposable razor to cut the hair on the client’s head.

The tips for this are as follows:1, The hair should be shaved at the same angle as the bar’s hair cut.

This angle is approximately 10 degrees.2,, If the bar is using a hair brush, it should be clean and not over-damp.

It does not matter how clean the hair brush is, if the hair brushes bristles are damp, they will not clean the hairs.3,, The client must have a clean towel to wash his/ her hair.4,, The customer should use the following shampoo.

If a barber has used a hair shampoo, make a note of the ingredient used and its concentration.5,, If using a dry shampoo, it is important that the bar uses a soft, gentle towel.

A soft towel is not