Twins barber shops open for the first time in three years

New Delhi: The twin barbershop in Twin City, India, is open for business after two years of renovations.

Located in the town of Bhimber, the twin barber-shop opened in June 2017 after more than two years.

The barbershops, which are owned by two brothers and are situated near the Ganga river in the outskirts of the city, have been undergoing renovations since last year.

The shop has received a clean bill of health and was given the go-ahead by the department of urban development (Durban) for the second time.

The twins barbers, who are also cousins, opened the shop in September 2017.

It is located near the Bhimbers home, which is located on the ground floor.

The brothers said the twin shop is their first shop in India.

They have a long history with their brother, who has been barbering for over a decade.

The twin barbshop was the inspiration for the barbers shop, which was inspired by the twin brother and sister who were living in a similar place.

The twin brothers and sister were born on the same day in the same place in Uttar Pradesh.

The shop has a selection of hair cuts, hair styling and accessories and they also sell traditional clothes such as kurta and bapu.

The twins brother said they have also started selling clothes from their shop.

“We were not happy with the standard of the clothes that were sold here,” said one of the twins brothers.