‘The Last Man on Earth’ stars Scott Baio as ‘The Man on the Moon’

It’s the first film of Scott Baiolio’s “The Last Men on Earth” franchise, but it’s a bit of a letdown.

The film was supposed to be about a scientist who discovers an alien spacecraft and decides to go to Earth.

But instead, the story centers around a man who, when he’s taken by aliens, discovers that the humans have been taking over their bodies.

(And yes, it was actually filmed at a barber salon in a small town.)

The movie is based on the Neil Gaiman novel series of the same name, and was written by Matt Fraction, who was also the producer on the upcoming sci-fi thriller “The Raid” from Warner Bros. And though he’s credited as the director, it looks like it was really the writers who decided what happened in the movie, which is why it’s so terrible.

It’s a plot hole-fest that could’ve easily been a fun, funny read for the most part.

Baiolo and his team should have just made this a really fun movie about a guy who’s stuck in space for 20 years trying to find a way back to Earth and meet his wife.

Instead, he’s a sad, lonely astronaut who is left with nothing to do and is eventually rescued by an alien.

And this movie is just awful.

The cast is all completely terrible and it looks as if the actors have had to play off one another as little as possible.

(That doesn’t even include the characters who aren’t there, like the aliens who have to be replaced with human actors.)

You’ll also find a lot of pointless exposition, like an entire scene where we see a movie trailer, which only makes things worse.

(Which is probably the worst part of the movie.

They should have used footage of the original Alien or a bunch of aliens and just said, “That was so cool, let’s make it that way.”)

And, of course, there’s the bad writing, which I’ll get to later.

But for now, here are the four things you should know about “The Man On The Moon” before you decide whether or not to see it.1.

It features a bad voice actorFor the first time ever, the voice of Scott Hamilton has a voice in the film.

And the problem is that this is the first movie in the series that doesn’t feature the voiceover narration.

It was previously used in the 2003 sci-fiest “The Search,” but it was removed in “The Lost Boys” because of the bad voice acting.

But Baioli did a pretty good job in this film, so it’s not like he couldn’t have made this one better.

It seems like he should’ve stuck with a voice that was familiar, but this one doesn’t.

I would have preferred the narration to be narrated by someone who sounded more like the actors in the other films.

(Though, it would have been better if they had been cast in other roles, like Neil Gham and Neil Armstrong.)2.

It contains a lot more exposition than “The Other Side”3.

It has no love interestsIn the first trailer, you can see the alien race is in a war with the humans and are trying to take over Earth.

They are so obsessed with controlling humans that they have to create alien lifeforms and then use them to kill off the humans.

This is why we see them in the trailer, right?

But then we also see them attacking a ship that was carrying people.

The aliens were in space, so they probably shouldn’t have attacked the ship, right, or what if they didn’t?

They could have just been on a space mission or something.

But there are no aliens in this movie.

(Except for one alien that looks like a dinosaur.)

This means that the movie doesn’t actually explain much about what’s going on.

Baio also didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on, either, as he said during a Q&A with fans:”This was kind of a wild idea for a movie.

We weren’t really thinking of anything, so we just thought, ‘Well, let there be aliens,’ and then we tried to get away with it.

I don’t know why we got away with that.

It seemed like we should’ve tried to make a movie about aliens.”4.

It uses the same voice actor twiceThe alien race, which looks a lot like the human race, is the same one that appears in the first teaser trailer.

But the alien people in this trailer, who are voiced by two different actors, seem to be much less intelligent.

One of them has the voice like a young child who is being asked to sing a song.

The other seems to be more of a scientist, and the first one is played by an actress who looks like she’s playing a character from “The Office.” The second