“The King’s Barber Shop” closes its doors at the end of the month

Barbershop, a boutique barbershop in the historic downtown, closed its doors on January 10.

Owner George Farias had been working for the previous six years at the salon and it had become too expensive to keep open, the barber owner told the Miami Herald.

He said he had hoped to make it open again in 2019.

The barber said the shop will be reopening in the coming weeks.

Barbershop has been a staple of the neighborhood since it opened in 2015.

Its location on West Ninth Street was a landmark for Miami’s first downtown nightclub, The Vibe.

Farians said that when the business went out of business, he and other owners sold the barbershops land to the neighborhood.

Barber shops in Miami are owned by neighborhood families, and often run by families with a strong affinity for the area.

In 2016, the Miami Beach-based Dandelion Barbers was among those who bought the bar-shops land in front of The Vique, a landmark downtown nightclub.

The shop is now in the process of selling the building it occupies.

The Miami Beach Herald reported that Barbershops owners had decided not to continue to operate their businesses, which is a big reason for the closing.

They are seeking a new buyer, and have been trying to find a tenant for the property for some time.

Farias said that if he does decide to reopen Barbers and that he does sell the bar in 2019, it will be his second business.

He had previously been in business for five years at his shop.

He said he is still waiting for the right time to open another barbers shop, but said he hopes that one day he will open another one in Miami.