‘Terrific moment’: Ralphs barbershop opens in Dublin city

Dubliners can now be guaranteed to be treated to a barber who has an Irish accent, and one who speaks the language of the Republic.

The “terrific moment” for the barber, Ralphs, has been announced by its owners, the Barbers and Hairdressers’ Association (BBHA), in a joint statement with the Guinness Book of Records.

“Ralphs Barbershop in Dublin City is the first barbershop in Ireland to open a shop in the Republic, and we have already received rave reviews from customers, and from members of the Irish media,” the BBHA said in a statement.

“We are excited that this new business is being opened in a beautiful Irish town.”

Our first client will be Irish citizen Ralphs Barber Shop owner and proprietor Richard Byrne who will be visiting Dublin on Tuesday to visit his family and friends.

“He will be able to enjoy a haircut in the city centre, as well as visiting other local bars and restaurants to celebrate the opening of our first barbers shop in Ireland.”

The barber will be available for any occasion to make sure that customers feel at home in our new shop.

“We look forward to seeing Ralphs and all our loyal customers in Dublin.”

Barber shop owners say the new shop will be “a real eye-opener” for Irish people in Ireland and the wider world.

“It is a real eye opener for Irish consumers and consumers around the world,” said Sean Byrne, president of the BBAA.

“The opening of the first Irish barber shops in Ireland is a significant milestone for Irish business, as the Irish market has grown so quickly in the last few years.”

“We want to give our customers a taste of what the Irish business landscape has to offer and the new barber business is a great example.”

The Barbers’ and Hairdresses’ Association is the second Irish organisation to open an Irish barbers business, after the Irish Independent reported that a Dublin barber was planning to open in Limerick.

The Guinness Book Of Records has said there are around 150 barber and hairdressers in Ireland, and that there are more than 100 barber workshops across the country.

“Barber shops are becoming more and more popular in Ireland as a way to give a real touch to the community,” the Guinness book said.

“Their business models are very similar to those of the rest of the professions.

Barbershops also provide a very important opportunity for business owners to connect with customers and promote their brands in a way that they otherwise would not be able.”

Irish Independent