LeBron’s barber, who went to the Cavs’ game, was in Cleveland

By David Shoemaker”A man came in to see me on Saturday and he said he was an NBA player.

I said, ‘I don’t care who you are.

I don’t give a damn what you play for.

What are you going to do for me?'” 

“He said, I just want to tell you I was an MVP.

I’m not going to talk about that.

I just wanted to tell me that he loved me and wanted me to be the best that I could be.”

The barber had to tell his story to a few of his friends who were there and asked if he had seen him at all before.

“No,” he said.

“Then they said, well, he’s an NBA rookie, so he’s not a big guy, so why would he be here?

So they went on their way.” 

The next day, he had to come up with a reason why he went.

“I told them I was in New York, and I didn’t want to be in a city where people would say, ‘You’re an NBA Rookie.’

So they asked me, ‘Where did you go?’

And I said I was going to Cleveland.

I was supposed to be with my friends, but when I was asked, I said no.

So I was like, ‘Well, I’m leaving.'” 

He left for a few hours in the morning, took his phone, and went back home to tell everyone he had been in Cleveland.

“The people were like, What?

Who are you kidding?

They were just like, Who are the guys that you are?” 

The barbers in the area had heard of him, but were hesitant to contact him until they got confirmation that he had actually been there. 

“They were like ‘Oh, you’re the one we’re talking about, right?’

They were like excited, but I said you know, I was just playing basketball, so I don`t want to get too involved in it.” 

“I think I probably could have had a relationship with the barber if I’d been able to say that, but he didn’t know me.” 

That’s when he finally got some contact with Cleveland sports fans, and they invited him to a game. 

As a member of the Cavaliers, he was able to meet some of them, and even some who he hadn’t seen before. 

The Cleveland fans were all excited to have LeBron and his teammates on their team, and after he left, the barbers knew they could count on him. 

One of them was LeBron’s brother, Dwyane.

“He just got me a ticket, and then we went to Cleveland, and it was awesome.

It was a good atmosphere.

I remember sitting in the stands and being able to see the Cavs game and hearing a lot of their fans and hearing how great they were,” said Larry. 

He also said it was one of the best experiences he’s ever had in his life. 

And he got to spend some time with the Cavs and hear some of the chants from the fans. 

‘It’s a little bit of a blessing’It was only a few weeks ago that LeBron left Cleveland, having spent a few days in New Jersey.

He was on his way back to Los Angeles to meet with his brother, but they had to wait until after he was done for the weekend to pick him up. 

While he was on the way back, he spotted a man who looked like LeBron, but in disguise. 

It was Larry’s cousin, James Harden.

“It was like an Easter egg,” said Larry. 

They stopped in his town, and he told James, “You know what?

I’m coming over, you can meet me here.” 

James said yes, and “We met at my house, and we walked up to this big white truck with a huge sign saying, ‘Welcome to Cleveland.'” 

“It’s pretty cool, man, that’s the kind of person I am.

That’s the type of person you want to hang out with.” 

And they started hanging out. 

A lot. 

When LeBron returned to Cleveland on Monday, James told Larry, ‘That’s just the kind, that was the type that you wanted to meet me, that you want me to go to the game.’

“It is a blessing, man.

I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced that he was leaving, and now I’m in Cleveland.”