JESSES barber’s shop pole is the tallest in the world

JESSESSES is the world’s tallest barber pole.

It stands at 10 feet, 6 inches above the ground.

The pole is part of the French national heritage and is the largest in the European Union.

It has become a symbol of French pride after the March 13 terror attacks that killed 130 people.

The attack at the Louvre Museum in Paris left 130 people dead.

The owner of the pole, Jean-Marc Gros, said it was “an emotional moment for the community.”

But many people took issue with the height.

The top of the Paris-based barber, Pierre, said he wanted the pole to stand on its own.

“I want to stand in a world that I see as being far too small and the world that’s already very small,” Pierre said.

The French government wants the pole moved, though the height is already the tallest barbershop pole in the country.

The government says the height would be unacceptable.

A French government spokeswoman said the height requirement for a pole was a matter for the local municipality.

In response to a question about the pole’s height, Gros said: “I can’t change the height of a pole.

I’m the owner of it and I want to use it.

That’s what I say.”

Gros added that the pole was designed to “stand for the national flag and for the flag of France.”

French President Emmanuel Macron has called the terror attack a “terrible tragedy.”

He has also said the country will not stand idly by.

The National Assembly voted to approve a bill on Wednesday that would allow the Paris mayor to ask a federal commission to review the height issue.

The measure would give the mayor the power to impose height limits on city-owned structures and would provide an opportunity for residents to complain if they don’t like the height limits imposed.

The bill was approved by the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, with two votes against and five abstentions.

A vote on the bill is expected in the Senate.