How to Get Away with Murder

There’s a very simple trick to escaping jail in America: wear a wig and makeup.

That’s because a judge is now saying that a bald, redheaded woman is actually a murderer.

It’s a case of mistaken identity.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Shavonne Brown was guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Anthony “Anthony” Jackson.

Brown, who was in her early 20s when the murder happened, had been convicted of murder and kidnapping in 2007.

Prosecutors argued that Brown had no history of violence, but the case was eventually dismissed because her attorney argued that her “vulgar” speech had caused her to become a “vulnerable witness.”

The judge disagreed, saying the prosecution’s case against Brown was not “clear and convincing” and she had shown she knew her rights as a criminal defendant.

The judge found that Brown’s “verbal conduct was likely to cause a reasonable person to conclude that she was committing the crime” and that she “has shown that she is a victim of a violent attack.”

She also said she was “a danger to herself and others” and had “demonstrated a lack of remorse.”

The Associated Press reports that the ruling comes after the jury in Brown’s case had deliberated for about two hours over the past few weeks.

The prosecutor’s office had argued that she had made up the murder, but Brown’s lawyer said the case should have been dismissed.

The ruling comes amid a growing backlash against the use of a hair dye in the courtroom, which has led to several states banning the dye.

It is not clear if the ruling applies to Brown, as she was never a suspect in the murder.

In 2014, she was arrested for allegedly beating her boyfriend and stealing a gun during a domestic dispute.

Brown’s attorney argued at the time that the case against her was flawed because her statements to police had led to a conviction in 2008 for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.