How to get a haircut in Los Angeles

L.A. — It’s the most iconic scene in the NFL.

On a warm spring day, three of the team’s five members of the NFL’s front office and a few players from the team will be sitting at a table in a Los Angeles restaurant.

A tall, muscular bald head is propped against the table, his mouth open, the tip of his nose resting against the bar.

The barber comes in, grabs a small-cut, unruly hair, and leaves.

That’s the moment the NFL front office takes its next step as it begins the long and winding process of hiring the next head coach.

This is the moment a new NFL franchise takes root in a city.

This could be the moment it leaves.

This has happened before.

The Rams were the first to go.

The Lions went before the Chargers.

The Jets and Bills followed suit.

But there is a new front office in place, with two vacancies, two head coaches, and a new general manager.

It’s not as if the front office is making a run at an old team.

It is just trying to figure out where it fits in.

The team’s current coach, Sean McVay, was hired in 2016 and was named to the team as its head coach in 2018.

The franchise has gone through three coaches in that span.

The previous front office’s two head-coaching candidates — Brian Schottenheimer and Jeff Fisher — have gone on to win Super Bowls.

The front office has never had a quarterback coach.

That may not matter, because in a team that’s been successful on offense and defense, there is little need for a new quarterback coach and a quarterback.

But in this case, the front-office search has been a process of making its new front-runner the face of the franchise.

The first job the front team is supposed to do is to hire a new head coach to replace Jeff Fisher, who resigned in early 2018 after just three seasons as the Rams’ head coach, after which he led the team to the playoffs just once in 13 seasons.

That wasn’t enough.

Fisher’s departure was one of the biggest stories of the season, and the front organization had to get on board with the idea that he was gone.

The NFL has a lot of new head coaches each year, and some of those are hired with the intent of getting them hired again after a few years.

Fisher was one such head coach whose contract was up.

It didn’t take long for some in the front group to figure that out.

Fisher had an interesting relationship with his former team.

He was a head coach with the Rams, and he was in a position to help make the front a contender for the Super Bowl in 2021.

But Fisher left the Rams in 2018 after a year that saw the team miss the playoffs three straight years.

His departure left a vacuum that led to the Rams looking to replace him.

That position was taken by a coach named Jeff Fisher.

Fisher, like McVays, had the front looking to get an offensive coach.

The head-quarterbacks coach in Los Angels is a job that is mostly filled by a head-turning offensive coach who is able to mold young quarterbacks into NFL starters.

It wasn’t until the 2017 NFL Draft that the Rams were able to get one of those offensive coaches, Todd Gurley, with the fourth overall pick.

Gurley would go on to have a breakout season as the top pick in the draft.

The problem is, the Rams couldn’t get Gurley to stay with them long enough to make the playoffs.

They were out of the playoff race for nearly three full years before Gurley signed a two-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

In 2018, the team hired a new offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, and hired former NFL quarterbacks coach Matt Patricia as his offensive coordinator.

The results have been mixed.

The offensive coordinator has had some success in the short-term, but the team hasn’t been able to build a winning team.

That has left Shanahan with the burden of running a franchise that’s missing the playoffs for nearly two full seasons.

The next coach, the new head of the Rams franchise, will be tasked with taking that responsibility on and turning it into a winning franchise.

“The most important thing is that we have a new coach and new coach is that he has a clear vision and a plan,” McVaya said in a recent interview.

“And I think that’s the big thing, and I think we have that right now.”

The Rams are the first team since the Eagles in 2006 to have four head coaches since the beginning of the modern era of coaching.

It took three years for the Rams to find one.

The teams front-runners are McVAY, McVoy, and Fisher.

But the Rams haven’t had a coach who has spent time in L. A. since the Rams hired Sean McAvoy.

He spent two seasons as an assistant under Jim Harbaugh at Stanford before being hired by the Chargers