How to get a haircut at the Hinsdale Barber Shop

Hinsden barber Shari Smith said her daughter has had a hard time finding a good haircut at her shop in the Hartsdale area of Washington, D.C., after her hair became so thin it was falling out.

The Hinsdal Barbershop, located at 635 1st St., is a popular destination for women in the area who want to get their hair cut.

Smith said she was happy to see the shop’s business booming.

“They’re doing it really well,” Smith said.

“They’re taking their customers to the places where they go for the haircut.”

Smith said customers pay $10 for a haircut and $15 for a full one.

For her, the salon is the best place to get one, she said.

“It’s always good for my daughter to come in and have a haircut,” Smith, a mother of three, said.

The shop’s owner, Shari Pazos, said she is working to add more barbers to the salon’s roster.

Pazos said the store’s customers come from all walks of life and are seeking the best barber in the neighborhood.

She said they are looking for a man to do their hair.

“I’ve been in business 20 years and I’ve never had a customer come in with a problem,” Pazo said.