How to find your next haircut at a barber salon

Lubbock barber barber store owner and owner of Alpharetta Barbershop, Brandon Troup, recently announced he will be moving out of his former space.

In an email, Troup said that while the lease is up, he will continue to serve his customers at the Alpharettas Barber Shop in Lubbocks location.

“I have been a long time customer and I am looking forward to continuing to work in the business for a little while longer,” he wrote.

“I hope to see you at the barbershop in Lubeck sometime soon.”

The barber’s shop was located at the corner of U.S. Highway 26 and U.N. Highway 99.

According to a statement posted on Facebook, Troups lease was renewed for one year.

The barber was also told that he was not allowed to open more than two barbershops in the Lubbos metro area.