How to Cut a Beard with a Knife

If you’re looking for a great, simple way to cut your own beard, then the only way to go is through a blade.

That’s the conclusion of an expert in the art of beard cutting, who has spent a lifetime honing his craft and his techniques.

“You have to have some sense of discipline to do it right,” says Ken Williams, who’s trained as a professional barber for 15 years.

“The blade is a great thing for a lot of people,” Williams says.

“But if you’re not very disciplined, it’s not going to cut very well.”

And you don’t have to be a professional to get the job done, either.

Here are some tips on cutting a beard.


Cut with a sharp knife, not a scissor blade Ken Williams is a professional Barbershop knife cutter who has trained for 20 years in the field.

He’s been doing it since the mid-1970s.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of the ‘scissor’ blade, but it’s a little more powerful than the scissors,” he says.

He says the scissors are more likely to break than the blades.

“It’s more likely that you’ll cut your beard more easily with a scissors blade than with a blade that has a serrated edge,” Williams explains.2.

Don’t forget to trim the ends of your beard at the end.

Ken Williams says that this will help to make sure the cut is smooth and not too long.

“There are two ways to trim your beard.

One is to go up your nose and shave at the back of your head,” he explains.

“You can use a razor blade, and you can use something called a ‘snowshoe.'”

You’ll probably want to use a snowshoe because you don,t want to cut into your beard and leave your face wet.

And the more you shave, the less you need to trim.

“A lot of guys shave their beard with the snowshoes, and that’s a good way to get rid of any hair that you don.

That way you can shave your beard without getting too big,” he adds.

“However, some guys will shave their arms and don’t shave their face.”3.

Use a sharp blade to cut off excess beard hair.

Ken says you should always use a sharp edge to cut the ends off your beard hair, and not a knife.

“The knife can cut into the skin very easily,” he advises.

“If you do have some hair left over, you’ll have to use your finger to shave it off.”


Use some of the beard hair to make your own mustache.

Ken recommends you use at least 2 to 3 inches of beard hair for mustache growth.

“That’s the amount of hair you’ll need to grow a mustache,” he notes.

“One to two inches will work well.”


Brush your beard with a beard shampoo.

Williams recommends that you apply a beard wash to your beard to prevent any clumping or hairspray.

“To keep your beard clean, you can put a hair brush in your beard,” he recommends.


Cut your own barber cap.

Ken suggests that you start with the top part of your chest.

“Cut off the lower part of the chest and you’ll be left with the back portion of your face,” he points out.

“Take a razor to that and shave it all the way down.

Then you’ll go back up.”7.

Cut off your hair.

Williams says it’s best to cut a small amount of your hair off at the base of your neck, and then trim it down.

“Your beard should have a nice, neat beard,” Williams suggests.

“Then it’s time to cut it all up.”


Cut a beard at home.

“Don’t do it at the office,” Williams warns.

“Just go into your garage and get a razor and a beard trimmer.”

And for more information on cutting your own face, check out Ken’s book, “A Beard and Its World.”