How the ‘Mark’s Barber Shop’ sign got its name from a shop in Mark’s Barbers

Mark’s Barber Shop in Manchester, New Hampshire, has been a part of the town for more than a century.

The shop opened in 1892, and was originally called the Mark’s Corner Store.

The store was later renamed Mark’s Hair Salon and was later relocated to its current location on Main Street. 

In 2016, Mark’s owner, Mark Fishe, decided to rename the shop to reflect the town’s roots.

He said, “Mark’s Barber is a mark of the people of Manchester, and it was time to add a little something extra to the town.”

 The store’s sign is based on the local sign for the town, which reads, “New Hampshire.”

Fishere explained, “I wanted to be bold and different and unique and give this shop a little bit of history that it never had.”

Mark Fishee, owner of Mark’s barbershop, in Manchester.

(Photo: Mark Fischel)  Fishere added, “The name Mark’s comes from the fact that the town of Manchester is called Mark’s and we had a barber here for 50 years before the barber started his career.”

Fishe has been trying to preserve the mark of his barbership, which was built in 1885, for years.

Fishes father was the owner of the shop, and he said, “We wanted to give the shop something to show for our time in Manchester.”

The store now has more than 2,500 signatures from residents of Manchester and nearby towns.

The barbers shop has also received a number of compliments for its original decor, Fishem said.

“People really liked the barbers and the store, so we decided to add some decor to it,” Fishey said. 

Mark Fiskhe and his daughter, Elizabeth, take their daughter to the barbs shop in Manchester on April 10, 2019.

(Photos: Mark Gormley/Flickr) Fiskhe said the original barbers sign was taken down after the town council voted to rename it Mark’s Town Center.

He added, I think the people here have really taken it and embraced it.

I think it’s great that they feel that way.