Daves Barber Shop opens at Downtown’s downtown Davenport site

The owner of Daves Barber Shop is now open for business downtown in downtown Darkside.

The downtown Daughters of Davenports Barbershop opened its doors on the corner of Old and Broadway in downtown Sioux Falls earlier this year.

Davenport resident and barber Dan Suggs is the owner of the barbershop, which has two locations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Suggers has been working to open Daughters Barbershops downtown in Sioux Rapids since 2009, but couldn’t find a site to do so until now.

He said he is confident that the restaurant will be open to the public.

“The city has always been very supportive and very supportive of Sioux Falls,” Sugges said.

“They have been very welcoming and we have gotten a lot of interest.

They have always been open.”

Suggs said he and his wife are excited to open the downtown Dades Barbersshop.

“I’m so happy for our customers, the barber community in Sioux City, to be able to come here and experience this,” he said.

Sugges added that the location is located right next to the Daughters’ store.

“The business here has been a great success, so it makes sense that we are able to open a location here,” he explained.

The Daughters opened its first downtown location in South Dakota in 2010.