Barbershop barbershop to close by July, with new tenant announcement

Posted July 07, 2019 08:29:54 The Barbershops in Brisbane’s CBD are closing after a three-month operation due to low demand and a lack of space.

In a letter sent to the community last week, the city’s public works department said the barbershops had “a long history of providing quality service and great value”.

In its letter, the public works division said the Barbers’ Place would close its doors at the end of July.

“The Barbers Shop will be the last of its kind in the CBD,” it said.

The announcement comes as the city prepares to host the opening of the new Melbourne Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2018.

But it comes after the barber shops were forced to close in December after being closed by a state-wide ban on business.

It is understood the Barbshop’s owner, David Barbour, is a local businessman.

He is believed to have applied to the Department of Public Works to reopen the barbecues.

DWP spokeswoman Anna O’Connell said the department had been working to get the businesses reopened but they were still waiting for approval.

A spokesman said it was difficult to get permission to reopen, especially in the busy summer months.

Mr Barbour said the company would continue to provide high quality services and was excited to be a part of the Olympics and Paralymics.

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