Barber shop in New Jersey loses out to barber barber

Barber shop owner Jimmy Barber has lost a $4 million lawsuit filed by a client who claims he was forced to shave his eyebrows after being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease.

In the lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in New York City, the client alleges Barber Shop’s owner, Gary Lee, forcibly shaved his eyebrows while the client was asleep in their office.

Barber Shop owner Jimmy Barber told The Post the business was “under siege” by the client.

The client’s lawsuit says Barber Shop “refused to pay” him for his services.

Barbarian’s lawyer, Scott Litzinger, said his client was “just trying to do his job” and was not discriminated against.

Litzinger said Barber Shop had “never discriminated against anybody in the business” and “had no reason to think he would be discriminated against.”

The lawsuit alleges that Barber Shop was “not only negligent but also reckless in its conduct.”

“The fact that the client had a genetic condition, he had an elevated risk for developing this disease, and yet the company chose to treat him as if he was somehow responsible for his condition rather than acknowledging his risk and acting accordingly,” Litzner said.

Lizinger said he was confident the case would “end up at the U.S. Supreme Court” because Barber Shop has a “good track record” and has been the subject of multiple lawsuits by clients.

“This was the worst lawsuit I’ve ever been involved with,” he said.

“The client, the plaintiff, is absolutely right in every way.”