Angelos barbershop has the best ‘chicken’ in Greece

ANGELOS, Greece (AP) Angelos Barbershop, the country’s oldest and largest, has a reputation for offering the best of Greek cuisine.

It also has a long history of serving customers the best Greek dishes, and has been the go-to place for many years.

The barbers have been working in Greece since the 1970s, but now the shop is closing.

In recent years, they have been selling Greek dishes in their traditional style.

The shop’s former owner was also a veteran barber, and the barbers now work from a separate location in the Athens suburb of Pazouros, where the shop opened.

The owner, Angelos, said the restaurant is closed to the public for good, and they are preparing to close it as soon as possible.

“We are very sorry to say that the shop will be closing in the coming days,” Angelos said.

“The shop has been in existence for many, many years and is in great shape.

We are not going to sell our products.

We will try to reopen it later on in the year, but for now, we will just be closing it.”

Angelos has been running the shop since 1973.

His father founded the shop in 1973.

He was the owner of the barber’s shop at the same time.

“I have always loved barbers,” Angelenos father said.

When Angelos and his father started the shop, they started with a small number of people.

“It was my dad’s idea,” he said.

Angelos now employs about 10 people, mostly in the area of Pizouros.

He said he has been using his experience in the business to help educate the younger generation.

“When we started, there were just me and my dad, and that was it,” Angeloss said.

The store is located in a small area in the outskirts of Piazouros and has a small shop on the street, with the barbed wire and the glass window of the shop separating the two.

Angeloss was working there for 18 years before closing the shop.

He is one of the last of the old barbers still in the shop and the last in Pizos.

“My dad has been working here since 1974, and it was not easy,” Angelo said.

He added that he is also the owner now of a small barbers shop in the city of Kostas, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) away.

He also owns a smaller barbershops in the capital, Athens.

“Now, I don’t want to work here anymore,” he told The Associated Press.

Angelios Barbers Shop closed for good due to the closing of the nearby Pizoulos barbed-wire fence, which he had erected in 2006 to keep stray cats and dogs away from the shop’s windows.