Alyssa is taking a new look at her haircut at Martin’s barbershop

Alyssas Barbershop has changed its name to Martin’s Barbershops, and the owner has taken a more casual approach to the barbershops traditional business model.

The change has been brought on by the recent death of Martin, who passed away earlier this month.

His son and daughter have taken over ownership of the business and it has been renamed the Martin’s Barber Shop.

Barbershop owner Aaron Martin told CNN affiliate WKYC that the new name is a nod to the fact that he is taking on a different approach to his businesses business model than he did before.

Martin said he wanted to change the way he operated, but also wanted to retain the integrity of the barbershop that he loved so much.

Martin told WKYT that he did not want to change his traditional business approach, but wanted to make sure the new moniker resonated with the community.

“It is an opportunity to try and be a different kind of person,” he said.

“The new name reflects that and I think it will resonate with the folks in the community.”

Martin told WNCN-TV that he and his family are excited to take the new direction with the business.

He said they were looking for a name that would be something that was more recognizable and would bring more people in.