A barber’s new barbershop opens in Denver

Denver, CO – The Denver Barbershop will be the first barber to open its doors in Denver since the opening of the barber-shop in the city in August 2017.

The Denver barbershop is located at 602 S. Broad St. in the neighborhood of South Park.

The barbers shop is operated by The Denver Barber Company, and it will be operated by the Denver Barber Association (DBA), which is a non-profit organization of barbers.

“We are very excited to be opening the Denver Barber Shop,” said Doug McLean, owner of The Denver Salon.

“Barbers have been here since before barbershops even existed.

We are excited to serve the community.”

The Denver BARBER Shop opened in late September 2017, and is scheduled to open early January 2018.

The new barbers’ shop will be located at the intersection of S. Broadway and Broadway, which is also where the Denver Salon was located.

It will feature a large barber chair, which will serve as a stand for customers to sit and watch the barbers work.

The shop will also be equipped with an interactive barber table, a barber pole, and a barbers soap dispenser.

“This new bar is going to be a place to hang out and chat with people while they do their work,” said McLean.

The establishment is expected to open in February 2018.

DBA board member David Zink said he is proud to be part of the Denver barber chain.

“I’m excited to see the first Denver bar that will open in this area, and we are excited about being the first place to open the Denver BARBERSHOP in Denver,” Zink told Engadge.

“The Denver barbshop will help bring barbers to the Denver metro area and will create a new way for barbers and barbers shops to connect with their customers.”

The barber who will be making the opening announcement is Barber John “Joe” Karp.

He will be taking over from Barber Greg Smith who will leave the Denver salon in 2018.

“Joe has worked at the Denver Denver Barber Shop for almost a decade and he will be doing a great job with the new bar,” said Zink.

“His work will include both a daily routine for the barbed-blades, as well as providing additional care and attention to the barbs, which include hair restoration, shaving, and hair replacement.”